In addition to finding a new ring around Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft has also found "wispy fingers of bright, icy material" reaching outward from Saturn's moon Enceladus. This is some amazing new stuff they're finding (click on the picture for a full size view) - I often forget to check in on the Cassini web site to see what amazing visuals are being posted.

Scientists believe these "fingers" are probably particulate matter being ejected into orbit around Saturn from geysers on Enceladus. Whether the particles are ejected "into the wind" or behind the moon affects the shape of the buldges in the ring around the planet. Neat stuff, hunh!? (Yup, I'm a geek!) :)


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  1. not cindy says:

    are they sure that isn't space shuttle debris?

  2. Jeph says:

    LOL Rich - yer awful!