Thursday, September 21, 2006

White Castle Swenson's For Dinner

Jay was supposed to come over tonite with pics from his recent Canadian adventure with Brett...and then we were going to run out for a quick, cheap bite for dinner. Brett had suggested White Castle - which we hadn't done in ages.

Well, Jay had to cancel for work obligations, but that wasn't going to stop us! So we made the drive (10-15min?) out to scary Rolling Acres only to find our closest White Castle had CLOSED!!!! NOOOOOO! They had a sign up saying go to their Arlington restaurant, which is a White Castle/Popeyes combination. We stopped there once so I could get fried okra - yum!

However, the White Castle we were at was past the exit for the other one, and we weren't in the mood to head to Canton, so we decided to go to Swensons, which is really close to us and also has GREAT burgers! In case you've never heard, Swensons apparently has a little brown sugar in the burgers? And I get a Galley Boy, which is two beef patties and two kinds of special sauce, plus cheese and whatever else you want in two buns. Even their buns are different than your average fast food places (maybe because they're toasty crisp?)

And to top it off - their tater teezers ROCK! Imagine a tater tot, only bigger and shaped more like a fish stick (bigger on one end - triangular in shape). Now in with the potato pieces mix in cheese and jalapenos. MMMMMMMM! SO GOOD!

One of Nick's friends up in Canadia (hi Soo Lee! Not sure I spelled that right!) was talking to Brett while he was up there. She threatened to come down sometime and have us take her on a whirlwind fast food tour. Hell, if ANYONE could do it, it's US!!! So here ya go Soo Lee - these shots are for you... (Sadly, we took them with the cell phone cam, which doesn't perform great period, and even worse at twilight. Still you get the idea...)

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Jeph said...

Hey look Peter - a food posting!

PS - Happy Birthday Allison!