Saturday, December 30, 2006

This just in!

Dear Jeph,

It's been a whole week since last we read what ou were up to, looked at photos of the terrific food you make, and thought warm fuzzy thoughts at the sight of your handsome BF. What gives?

In other words, get off your butt and post something.

We tell you this with love.

Yours, warmly and in the spirit of the season,
Your blog readers

[One guess as to who sent me this email! Yes yes, I'm behind! We had lots of fun in NY for Christmas, we've been back, we've been to work, we've been running around doing errands, staying home and cleaning, staying home and playing video games, etc...and I'm seriously behind on my blog! Soon! Real soon!]

1 comment:

Peter said...

I'd say that you've sullied my reputation, but you know too much about me and can sully further quite easily.

But the sentiment remains: post something for us!