Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are you eating your bacteria?

We bought in on this awhile back - the initial Activia ads sold us and I've been eating yogurt like never before. I think helps a lot!

In Live Bacteria, Food Makers See a Bonanza

...and I've hated most yogurt I've ever had before! I have to wonder if Activia isn't just packed with sugar or something to make it more palatable to me!? But I try to have a small container of the stuff each day - works out that I have it most week days, and rarely on weekends - but it's more than I was eating before!

And with Simon's bowl issues and some reading on line, I've tried slipping the cats some yogurt on occasion. Well, actually, it's more like if I open up a carton of Activia at home, I can't get the cats OFF of me - even if they're upstairs asleep I think they hear the carton being opened. I tried giving them some plain yogurt recently. Tucker and Simon love the stuff, while Moxie tried to bury the bowl. Weird.

All in all, taking in probiotic cultures makes total sense to me...and I'd rather do it in a way other than just taking pills.

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