Sunday, January 21, 2007

Game night last nite...

I know I'm waaaay behind on posting blog entries. One of the more fun ones (that's not food related) of late is from last nite - Sharon wanted us to get together with John and Michele so we could all meet her ***NEW BOYFRIEND*** Andy. Yeah yeah, sure, ok, whatever Sharon - I'm sure you met some nice guy who we just don't stop hearing about and you're gonna force us to meet him!


I'll post more later (REALLY need to get to bed!), but I wanted to throw some pics up and point out how much fun we had, and how nice Andy is. Brett said I actually sounded like a dad riddling Andy with questions to make sure he was right for our Sharona. Oops - hope I wasn't THAT bad! (Hey, I like to get to know about new people - especially the ones I figure we'll be seeing plenty more of!)

So yeah, Andy's really nice. Quiet (but he doesn't know us yet), adpated well to getting the full blast of all of us acting our worst, still friendly after all of that, smart (I'm just glad he and Sharon weren't a team against the rest of us at Taboo), good looking - and yes, good enough for Sharon! :)

As I said, I'll post more pics later - just getting up the max amount Picasa will quickly do before I head off to bed.

Even though Sharon's got her OWN boyfriend you can see here how she was putting the moves on MINE! (He didn't even realize it at the time!)

John and Aidan together... Aidan was REALLY well behaved considering how rowdy we were!

I was goofing around while Sharon was trying to take a picture. She said I should straighten up (or do something straight?), so I got behind Michele for a little action. Straight enough? LOL

Here's Sharon and Andy...he always seems tall, but I don't think he's really that much taller than some of the rest of us!? Hm...will have to inquire.

The entertainment was fun, the food was all good, and the company was great...will have to do it again sometime soon!


the ginger tabby said...

Andy's a really cute fellow!

Peter said...

Andy is cute, I agree. Apparently he has a particular seal of approval from Brett as well, which is nice.

But Brenda, don't you think he looks kinda like Jeph? I kind of wonder if Sharon is subliminally attracted to the NBF somehow....