Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lindsay Lohan: Girlfriend's a wreck!

Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab

With information like this:

"Lohan told People magazine then that she had been going to the meetings for a year."

And quote's like this:

"I haven't had a drink in seven days. Or anything," she said to People. "I'm not even legal to, so why would I? I don't drink when I go to clubs. I drink with my friends at home, but there's no need to. I feel better not drinking. It's more fun. I have Red Bull." just really makes you wonder - how much of a wreck is she?! Or just a flake!? Basically - "I haven't had a drink in seven days. Or anything. (Like coke? Or cocaine?) I'm not even legal to so why would I? (oh GOOOOOD point! So you haven't been drinking AT ALL since you're underage, hence the AA meetings!) ... I drink with my friends at home, but there's no need to. (Hence the alcoholism!? You're drinking and saying you don't need it, but doing it anyhow?) I feel better not drinking. (And yet you do it with friends at home. Granted, you're underage, and not drinking, but you feel better not doing it. Oh, and you're doing it with friends. At home.) It's more fun (not drinking? no no Lindsay, the next morning's more fun when you haven't been drinking, but I'm sure YOU'RE more fun when you have been drinking!) I have Red Bull. (Annnnnnd cue the product endorsement. I think she forgot to mention how much she probably loves Red Bull mixed with jaeger! Mmmm - just like a purple sweet tart!)

Yup, she's all over the place with that brief quote! (Aren't you glad I was here to point out how!?)

Now the article also says she was clunching a Jamba Juice. I don't know what that is, but it sure sounds good! Hm, also sounds a little like it's got alcohol in it!?

Ok, she's off the hook....I guess it's good for you, and non-alcoholic. Mmmmm....gimme one with mango! Hm, now that I think about it - I'm thinking maybe Sharon talked about getting stuff here while she was out living in La Jolla for awhile last year!!? Sharon - did you ever see Lindsay while you were drinking your smoothies?

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