Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nintendo Wii Sports Experiment

I don't believe I remembered to post about the Wii Sports Experiment after coming across it the other day. This guy Mickey did a study with his Wii where, for six weeks, he spent 30 minutes a day playing the Wii Sports games that came with his new system. During that time he recorded info like weight, BMI, and waist line. His blog entry includes before and after pictures, video of him in action, a chart showing his weight loss, and more. It was lots of fun to feel like we could do the same!

Brett and I played the boxing game for about 15 minutes this past weekend, and we were both winded afterwards! LOL

Here you can see Mickey getting interviewed by his local NBC station. I TOTALLY want my own Mickey - he looks like a little pocket cutie (and, to be honest, I don't think he really needed to lose the weight...but hey, exercise is good for us!)

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