Monday, January 22, 2007

Tonite's Heroes

Quick comments/thoughts before bed... We got in a lot of tv tonite - last nite's Battlestar Galactica (WOWZA - although the "Eye of Jupiter" wasn't hard to figure out at all...), the new Dresden Files (interesting...will have to see how it goes in the next few weeks), and then HEROES!! WOO HOO - that was a good one!!!

I had no idea the homeless guy was also Dr Who from the first season of the new Sci Fi Network series. We watched a few episodes when it first started up, but didn't care for it. I'd read that actor was going to be introduced on Heroes with the power of invisibility, but didn't recognize him when they first showed him. Looks like he's put on weight, aged, etc...

Sylar's still in the possession of HRG, hunh? Why wasn't Sylar able to escape? He had no problems yanking Eden through the window during the mid-season finale... Why didn't he escape? Was he too weak? Did they take him out? This wasn't covered...hopefully they'll fill in the gaps. OR... If you were Sylar, and you swiped the powers of others, where would the best place be to get more powers? Right where those with powers are brought and studied! I'm just speculating - could it be Sylar's faking them out and opting to stay there, looking like they have him under their control? Just an idea...

I'm SO glad Zack didn't freak out on Claire when she revealed her ability to him this time. I thought for certain they were going to screw her over this time around, but instead things look good. Whew!

I love that the Heroes are starting to the art studio going to be their secret headquarters? LOL

The interactions between Nathan Petrelli and Hiro were CLASSIC!

Poor Niki - she's kinda getting screwed over here. We noticed she was surprised that she had Jessica's strength and agility....does it seem like the fine line between the two is starting to break down more and more (hence her insanity-like situation)? Hopefully things pick up for her after awhile - but I don't know how that's going to happen.

Can't believe DL reached through the glass right there in the prison. Hello - don't they have cameras!?

And speaking of security cameras - won't they be able to play back the footage of Hiro stealing the "sword"?? Sure, he'll look more like a blur, but he kinda hung out there....not wise.

Glad to see the nuclear guy is getting control of his power. That totally got my inner comic reading geek! ;-)

Can't wait for next week - so glad we've got the excitement back!

Are you on the list?


Roger said...

So did you think that Zack was acting much more butch this time around, post statement from the network that he is in fact NOT gay?

Jeph said...

Iiiiinteresting - I totally didn't get that, but now you've got me thinking about it... I guess, yeah, he seemed different, and yeah, "less gay", but I would've just chalked that up to him being very defensive (offensive?) around Claire because he doesn't trust her. I would've assumed he let down his guard, and therefore appeared more like his true (gay?) self, pre-memory loss because they were already becoming friends by the time the series started. And now that they're starting over from scratch, he's got to seem tough around her - just in case this is just a prank she's pulling on him.

Hmm... Very interesting.

But I'm not sure I like the fact he's NOT gay. NOT that there has to be a gay character on every show, but basically because I feel like we've been lead to believe he was. Sure, my viewpoint's a bit skewed.

Guess we'll have to wait and see? Thanks for that input!

Alison said...

I said to Bruce, that dude has to be invisible.. i called it!!!

Sorry to be MIA lately, started a new job surrounded by gay men.. One even told me I needed to have my eyebrows waxed. ??? The other told me "I steal husbands", I told him he could try but he would end up causing a foul odor in a basement somewhere.. He said we have a fiesty one here. Where you might ask is my new job??? in a children's hospital ER.. Never would have thunk it..

As for my time I have been away I have been trying to master the skill of the green arrowess... Don't laugh, then I would have to hurt ya.. :)