Saturday, February 17, 2007

Apologies to Smallville - And then off on a tangent!

I wasn't looking forward to this past week's episode of Smallville - every year I get sort of burned out or tired of the show by mid-season. There was even a year where I just never bothered to watch the midway part, coming back for the end of the season. I felt like I was starting to get that vibe again this season, after the mega-climactic "Justice" episode, all the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow stuff having wrapped up, and the Lana/Lex romance just seeming too unrealistic.

But each week (well, most weeks) it continues to impress. I really wasn't excited about the "meteor freak vision" episode scheduled for this past week - where a new character, Tobias, who was blinded during the previous meteor storm, but gained the ability to see those who were "meteor infected." It just seemed like yet another "freak of the week" episode (kind of like the one with Tori Spelling - didn't feel like it wrapped up quite right...maybe a sequel is in the works?)

But learning that maybe, just maybe, Chloe's got a meteor-induced ability? Realizing that Lana sees Clark pretty much for what he is - someone going around saving lives on a daily basis - and wanting to protect him? Oh, now this is some nice development!

The fine-tuning of Clark's heat vision was a nice touch - boy, I felt bad for Chloe, as that zap to the shoulder had to hurt like hell! Do you think it left much of a scar??? AND Chloe's all wigged-out by the idea she might be a meteor freak? I'm pretty certain they've had some on the series who didn't end up "dead or in Belle Reve" - riiiight? Impulse/Bart Allen? I know Vic Stone/Cyborg and Arthur Curry/Aquaman aren't meteor-induced, and Ollie doesn't have any powers...but I was thinking maybe Bart got his powers from the meteors (in the series - not because he's connected to the Speed Force as in the comics).

And I also realize she's creeped out because of her mom's history with mental institutions - a story that was already played out several seasons back. Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeaking of which - if you don't like any hint as to who might be showing up on the series in the near future - don't read below...

.....................'ve had your chance...........

..................... it comes!

Lynda Carter will be guest-starring on the series (I assume for just one episode?) as Chloe's mom!!! Now I thought Chloe's mom was supposed to be dead - I don't remember. But this'll be way cool!! I wonder if they'll get her to twirl at all? Or if she'll do something great, and they'll have to tell her she's a wonder-ful woman? Nyuk nyuk! Chloe's possibly got a power and is going to meet her mom!? And on Heroe's, Claire's got an ability and just met her mom!? LOL I know, that's stretching it - but is THIS!?!?

Do you watch Ugly Betty?
Do you watch Heroes?

On Heroes we got to watch as Hiro fell in love with Charlie - the cute little waitress at a diner in Texas. Charlie was played by Jayma Mays. Jayma Mays was just introduced on Ugly Betty this past week as Henry's girlfriend, Charlie! Ok, what's up with that - are they running out of names for characters out in Hollywood? LOL

And since we're on the topic of Ugly Betty - we recently met Daniel's best friend Becks. I was a little confused by this because I though maybe they were introducing David Beckham to the show - I'd seen pics of him before, and I'm sure some video clips, but nothing long-lasting. It seemed possible Daniel WOULD have Beckham (who I've heard called Beck's on more than one occasion) as a friend, but I guess this isn't the case. So what kinda name is "Becks" supposed to be!?!?

Hm. Ok, enough tv show babbling! Hope you guys had a great weekend! We met with the accountant for my freelance work yesterday, and she was sick sick sick - and now today I'm getting sick. What're the odds!?

And I honestly figured Jimmy would walk in on her and Clark at the very end and figure he was being scammed by them.


Alison said...

my thoughts on Chloe is perhaps she has super computer powers.. She is the one that is always decoding things. This year has been entertaining.. I have also been pleased to see some lines in Tom Wellings face..For someone his age he looks like a young un, until recently.. I like hime better with a little more time on his face.

Jeph said...

Y'know, you're kinda right! When I see an old Smallville being aired, or a commercial for one, I just feel like Clark looks too baby faced. Tom Welling does look like he's maturing nicely.

I don't know if you've seen him in anything other than Smallville... In Cheaper by the Dozen he really didn't get to stray too far from his Clark-character. But in The Fog he was supposed to be this tough guy with a boat in a small fishing town, and had grown some scruff for the role if I remember correctly. It just didn't seem like him - he was still a bit too soft-spoken...