Monday, February 26, 2007


First off, we just finished watching tonite's Heroes, and WOOOOOOW that was a good one! I was just telling Brett how it seems like, with Heroes, they manage to pack more than one hour's worth of show in just an hour's worth of time!

Tonight we got a new connection - now Hiro's dad is connected with Mr. Bennett!? He's the one who handed off Claire!? AND the invisible guy was actually Mr. Bennett's partner!? Who's the newly introduced guy that Mr. Bennett works for? Brett was suspecting that was Linderman, whereas I figured it's someone new. Next week's preview looks like I'm right on this one!

Speaking of which - I'm trying to remember - is there actually any connection between Linderman and those with powers?? I know he's got the whole mafia-type stuff going on, the art dealings, casinos, etc - but I don't recall him having any direction relations with the super power stuff... Maybe that'll happen still, OR maybe he'll be an opposing force!?

Also from the previews - Simone's got a power!? And it seems like it could be like Claire's healing ability!? I wonder if it'll be a twist on the ability, or if they're going to be an exact match (hopefully it'll be different).

We really loved Claire's regeneration from getting semi-nuked....great special effects! And somehow, even after all that, her clothes didn't get blown off her? Classy girl! LOL She's doing a real good job of dealing with pain - does she actually feel all the pain of whatever's happening to her? Oh, and spitting up the bullet? Fun!

Loved the whole hostage situation - it was handled interestingly, with Matt siding with HRG, and it seemed like it'd all be ok for Matt.... Instead HRG's turned him in!? :(

Brett figures HRG's new memory wipe AND never having had Claire to soften him up just might make him out to be a real evil bastard...that could be real interesting!

Glad the nuclear guy's not gone.

Will be interesting to see what happens with Claire and the Haitian on the run. Does this mean we won't see anymore of Zack now that Claire's got to disappear?

Wow - so many answers, so many connections and yet so many new connections!

And now a bit of Battlestar Galactica....just to see if anyone reading this is also watching BSG (or BG as Rick and Carolyn more correctly refer to it). Wow - each time they start off with an episode that I think might not be AS good as usual, usually because it looks to be a little too political, or a little too relationship-oriented, they still go and wow us!

This week we got to see President Rosalyn come off as her usual hard-assed self, be a real bitch to someone, and by the end of the episode she's come out being a great person! We honestly didn't see her getting to a point where she was going to sit with Chief and listen to his points, head him off on some of the needs of the colony, and even propose that they DO need a workers' union!

I need to do a little IMDBing this week - both of the kids they introduced this episode (neither of which I figure we'll see again anytime soon) looked familar. The goofy kid who was sabotaging the refinery, and the kid who worked on a farm for a summer to put himself through college - I know we've seen 'em somewhere - but where!? And we also recognize the new lady on Chief's deck crew - took us a little bit of sitting, staring and discussing - but she was the head honcho of the government agents on 4400... Wonder if we'll see her again. (Wonder if we'll see The 4400 again!?) (Yup, looks like it's returning this summer...wonder if we'll still be interested...?!)

Oh well, as great as this episode was, and last week's trapped-in-a-leaking-airdock episode, and the week before with the spreading sickness and the killer doctor, I DO look forward to some more discovery- and heavy-scifi- episodes!!!


Roger Zender said...

Heroes was amazing... You got that down. I just can't wait until Hiro gets his powers and finds out the connection with his father!!! And I can't wait to see more of Peter now that he's getting so confident. :)

As for BSG... blah. I was kind of disappointed. Why didn't Roslyn just go with the Union to begin with?? Oh, wait... it didn't make for that good of a story. And what's with Baltar's new position of folk hero?? Though I did like the stand off between Odama and the Chief guy behind bars (what's his name). That was dramatic. Anyway, the best part of this show was the preview on next week where we get more insight into Starbuck's role in all this - and that her cylon captor is coming back for her!! Wow.

Jeph said...

Thanks for that correct spelling for Roslyn...

I'm with you - I'm not so into Baltar's folk hero role...altho his little voice trick did creep me out some. And we don't know if it's honest, or if that's just him scamming people once again.

REALLY looking forward to next week's episode - I love the destiny stuff developing with Starbuck.

Wait'll Hiro finds out just how much of a bad guy his dad is! He's so sincere and naive that this could really break his heart...

CJR said...

Yes -- glad they're bringing back the Cylons!