Monday, February 19, 2007

Heroes Tonite!

Wow - now THAT was a great episode!! All kinds of good stuff, new characters, revelations, confessions, breaking of fellowships, and a great cliffhanger ending! I won't mention any details until the rest of you get caught up - report in with your thoughts and excitement!


Alison said...

I really am NOT liking the Sylar thing.. I wish they would cont. to develop their powers etc. and how dumb in MOHINDer for not figuring out he is with Sylar, after the welder from Montana gets killed that next day, when she hadn't told anyone.. I can't say that I will miss Simone.. So now ar eIssace and Peter going to be arch enemies now? ANd HRG is going to have some trouble next episode..

Jeph said...

Y'know, at first I thought I felt bad for Simone - she seemed like she meant well and was supportive. But since then I've remembered that, overall, I really don't like her. I don't know if it's the character, or the actress.... She just seems like she expects everything to go her way, all the time. Or maybe that's not even right - I don't know. Like you - I won't really miss her.

I think Mohinder was maybe getting a feeling that "Zane" (Sylar) isn't quite right - that maybe there's some bad guy to him. But I don't think he's put it together just yet. Remember, he just met some sorta dorky/nerdy guy with a special ability - and he REALLY wants to meet these people to study them. I'm sure he's willing to overlook the quirkiness. And he hasn't seen all the other Sylar-killings like we have, so he doesn't have reason to suspect he's anyone other than Zane. Yet. ;-)

It would sort of make sense for Peter and Issac to hate each other - even more so now. Did you get the feeling that Peter was seeming a little bit evil looking in the art studio? Granted, that was partly how Issac drew him... But I can see how they each think they're right - Peter just sees Issac as an (ex-)junkie who is trying to steal his girlfriend back, and Issac sees Peter as a guy who's going to blow up NYC. Peter's always been such a forgiving, open-minded, understanding guy - but maybe Clyde (the invisible guy, right?), and perhaps the powers, are starting to harden him a little too much?