Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh Matt, no...

No no no Matt! I know everything's been crappy for you, but that doesn't mean you turn to the dark side and pocket the diamonds! I don't care if they ARE taken from bad guys by bad guys. You're the good guy, and you don't do something like that. What's your wife going to say when you come home with that. Things are good for you two, and you're finding you can do other things like security and fix-it work. NOT what you wanted, but you also didn't want to be a criminal. Next time you have to go for a profiling and you're asked "have you ever stolen anything," they're gonna know. They're gonna know!

Bad choice!

Mohinder is in big trouble now that he's got Sylar hanging with him. Did anyone else recognize the "break the molecular bonds of the household appliances" guy as the "she kicks high" guy from the X-Box commercial a few years back? Brett had the biggest crush on him then, but we both commented on how it doesn't look like he's been taking very good care of himself since then. That looked like it'd be a fun (but clearly destructive) power to have. And I'm wondering if Sylar intentionally takes on some personality traits of whoever he's killed, as if he can pull from them out of a collection (remember, he was all southern with Claire's mom), or if this is part of the power stealing and it's not necessarily something he can control.

Poor, poor Claire. Nothing's going right, her adopted mom's been brain-fritzed too many times, her adopted dad's an evil mastermind, her biological mom's trash, and her biological dad's a louse. I'm afraid to ask if it could get much worse!

Did you like how the scamming Vegas bitch called Hiro "Sulu" - right after last week!? LOL That was a very entertaining plot thread, but I'm feeling bad for the dynamic duo - Ando's got it bad for the ladies, and Hiro's just been busted.

Man, with this many characters, they should seriously give us two episodes every week! Hey, in comic books, when a title gets super popular, they spin-off off another! Action Comics, Superman, Man of Steel, The Adventures of Superman; Batman, Detective Comics, The Dark Knight; X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, X-Factor, Excalibur - you get the idea! GIVE US MORE HEROES!

And how about the catch phrase for next week? Someone Flies, Someone Dies! We both agreed that maybe they're starting to overdo the catch phrase thing - the "Save the cheerleader, save the world" one was GREAT! But then there was "Are you on the list" - and it felt like that would be the phrase for the second half of the season. But now we're going to get a new one every few weeks!? Whoa whoa whoa - don't ruin it!!

Til next Monday - let's hear what you guys think!


Peter said...

1. I haven't seen the episode yet, so I can't comment on it. But I will likely save up some more episodes to watch a batch of them at one time. ADDICTIVE!

2. I just saw signs on shelters at the Christchurch Aiport advertising the show here. I gather it started up just last week.

alison said...

UGH with Sylar.. I was yelling NOOOOOOO at the TV... woke one of the kids up.