Thursday, February 08, 2007


With all due respect, rest in peace you crazy blonde bimbo - you've earned some peace, quiet and solitude... Sure, the media's gonna be all over your passing today, but hopefully you're somewhere where you can totally ignore what goes on around here.

Brett called me shortly after I got home this afternoon, telling me I should sit down because he had big news. I thought he was going to tell me we had an offer on the condo, or that he found out we weren't going to get an offer on the condo, or just do some flat out prank. Then he told me Anna Nicole Smith had passed away, and it just seemed too weird and pointless as a joke... No, we weren't friends or family, and no, she hadn't done a whole lot to gain a bunch of respect, but she sure could entertain. And confuse. But even the confusion was entertaining. She was just pretty much extreme in every way...and that's what made her fun. Sometimes as we watched her reality show (yeeeeeees, we watched her reality show), I'd wonder if she really DID have it all going on under those platinum curls, and if she wasn't just faking out the rest of the world... She wanted to be a star - and she was, even if it meant getting laughed at or mocked.

I felt bad for her when her son passed away, and now I feel bad for Howard Stern, her other friends and family, and especially for her recently born daughter. I can only hope that she didn't do something intentional to pass away, knowing she'd be leaving her daughter behind... In some ways I could maybe understand her wanting to escape - she's gone through so much with her son's death, estate battles in court, and then paternity cases focused on her daughter... She was really really meaty, and then it seemed she'd lost too much weight with the Trimspa thing. It really didn't seem like she was having much fun in life...and isn't that what Anna Nicole was all about - fun? Yeah, I think so...

So rest in peace Anna Nicole. You lived one hell of a crazy nut job roller coaster life, and now it's time for a little peace and quiet.


the ginger tabby said...

well said

Dave E. said...

I just hope, and probably against the odds, that her infant daughter may achieve some semblance of a happy and well-adjusted future. It sadly seems unlikely with the start she's getting.

Not like I have any special insight, but I'm betting it was an accidental overdose - inasmuch as her history with drugs could qualify any overdose as "accidental." If the reports are true that she had had two subsequent surgeries after her daughters birth, and had been suffering from flu-like symptoms, I'm betting that both the quantity and the combination of drugs she had taken proved fatal. (Or that she was so unconscious that she couldn't react to vomiting, and she choked to death; I read that's been suggested.)

Not to speak ill of the dead, but I often - not always - found her too ridiculous to be entertaining, for my tastes, anyway. That doesn't mean I don't see the tragedy in her life and her passing, and I do hope she has now found some peace and comfort in the company of her son.

(And yes, I'm bored and stalling at work!) ;-P