Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Death to Captain America

Whoa! Here's one way to get some attention, and to wrap up the never-ending "Civil War" story line that's run far too long in Marvel's comics this year! I don't read much Marvel, and never Captain America - so I don't actually know that this is tied into the "Civial War" crossover in Marvel... I figure the two are related somehow. Now - how soon will they bring Cap back from the dead? Or show that it was fake? I know they planned some big stuff with this crossover - including revealing Spidey's secret identity to the world - that was a real shocker! Guess we'll just have to wait and see. (Just like we'll have to wait and see how fast I get my butt in gear and post some more blog entries - including the wild and crazy adventures from this past weekend's birthday event and all meat extravaganza!!!)

Death to ‘America’: Comic-book hero killed off

Sniper's bullet dispatches 65-year-old ‘Captain America’ in latest edition

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Peter said...

Wild and crazy adventures?

What, exactly did YOU get up to this past weekend while the rest of us were having a nice little dinner out?