Monday, March 26, 2007

I don't have a problem!

Well, ok, maybe I do, but a big chunk of that problem is WHERE AM I GOING TO PLANT ALL THESE SEEDS!?!?

I've got all these seeds to plant, and no yard. We ALMOST had a great yard for gardening, and a nice deck for plants, etc... But that kinda fell through. So now I'm possibly back to having a rental garden plot. Plus, with not knowing when someone might come to look at the place, I've held off on starting this year's seeds, and some things just won't get grown afterall this year I guess. :(

Here's me sorting out all the seed packs so I can get started... I meant to have fewer varieties than the 13 or so I had last year. Seems I still managed to order 12 varieties this year, and then the seed companies tossed in a couple freebie packs of other varieties. Greeeeat...

Here's Simon trying to help.

"Um, I think you have a problem..."

First tray of Jiffy peat pots starting to swell after dumping water in with them. These things are great for starting seeds!

The after and before shots of a Jiffy peat pot. Insert dirty "swelling" jokes here...

Another shot of the fully hydrated Jiffys.

"Seriously dad, you've got a problem... The first step is admitting it..."

I'm not sure if I'm starting tomatoes or Nerds candy plants! What's with the blue coating on just this one variety of tomatoes!? I've seen pink coatings on watermelon and corn seeds before - either as a marker (male vs female) or perhaps an innoculant? But why on one out of fourteen varieties of tomatoes? Interesting! (Seriously - they look like blueberry candy!)

Annnnnd....wrapping up the first tray of seeds - this one's tomatoes, peppers (only four varities this year - we really don't eat that many, and I need to scale down!), fennel (never grown before), dill and catnip. I filled another one of these trays with JUST two varieties of parsley and like six varieties of basil! much as I'm dreading winter's passing, I'm also looking forward to summer!


Alison said...

WOW I finally have met my match.. Someone who is as addicted to seeds as I am!!! Today I just dropped a hundred bucks on some tree hibiscus and landscape annuals.. this year the theme is pink.

Peter said...


alison said...

Jeph and I are seed whores.. LOL