Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mmm mmm chickeny goodness!

Take one chicken.
Stuff it's cavity with wedges of onion and lemon, halved heads of garlic, salt and pepper, and sprigs of rosemary.
Suspend over pan with cookie rack.
Rub it all over with olive oil, and then pat in kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
Dump several glugs of wine in the pan, and toss in whatever filler items didn't fit in the chicken.
Roast til done.
Cool off a bit.
Eat most of the crispity skin off the top of the chicken (ouch - wait til it's a little cooler!).
Pull apart all the meat of the chicken, and add it to just cooked ribbony pasta.
Partially defat/strain all the juices in the pan, and pour over chicken and pasta.
Stir in a little frozen homemade pesto from last summer's garden.

The next nite, add to boiling chicken broth from grocery store, add in some rice and veggies. SOUP!


Peter said...

Chickeny goodness looks good, Jeph. I really love the bowl, by the way!

the ginger tabby said...

Oh, my, I better get home to get some food in my stomach. It's growling as I look at and read about your food!