Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mmmm, dinner and tastey treats!

Tonite's dinner came together amazingly fast. Got a pot of water boiling while taking care of something else. Threw some pasta in the boiling water. Minutes later threw in some frozen shelled edamame (mm!). In a separate pan I started frying up some diced pancetta...something I'd only tried once before, and was inspired to give another try thanks to a recent Nigella Bites (or Feasts, I forget which one it is now...). While that was sizzling way I carved a bunch of chunks of breast meat from last nite's roasted chicken (that's another story all unto itself!). Just for extra fun I put a couple pats of butter in with the pancetta, then added the chicken to warm up, seasoned with fresh cracked black pepper, then tossed in the drained pasta/edamame (wish I would've thought to add some fresh minced parsley and crushed red pepper!). Scooped into bowls, and grated on some parmesian cheese.

Mmmm - that was a good dinner!! Oh wait, what's that peeking in from off camera here?

Why, it's those three loaves of bread from earlier today! What if I cut a slice from one - just to see how they look on the cross section?

Yuuuuumm-oh! Cinnamon swirl bread! And it's really good toasted, and also really good with some simple powdered sugar/milk/vanilla icing drizzled on the slices. MMM! I MIGHT even try buttering and frying a slice sometime - I know Eat N Park has the "Grilled Stickies" (haven't eaten there in yeeeears though).

Now if I could just figure out why my coils have a habit of separating. Maybe a little more butter inside to gel them together? Or less butter so the dough fuses with itself? This might involve a little research!


the ginger tabby said...

I just checked your blog, Jeph, and the cinnamon swirl bread is jumping out at me! I soooo want to taste it :)

the ginger tabby said...

By the way, the slight space between the swirls is inviting one to gently unroll the bread to eat it :)

Peter said...

"Just for extra fun I put a couple pats of butter in with the pancetta...."

This, Jeph, is why you are a god to me and why I love you so!


alison said...

HMMMM something is missing from this entry Jeph!!!

The RECIPE!!! Pretty please...

did you watch smallville yet?? curious as to your thoughts..

Elizabeth said...

Everything (esp the bread) made my stomach growl. BTW, are we Tallmadgians or Tallmadgers?

Peter said...

Tallmadgians or Tallmadgers (and don't ask ME to pronounce it - apparently I say it wrong), you're all Central Ohioites to me!

Jeph said...

Peter calls it "tall-madge" - like the opposite of short....almost like Tollmadge.

Ok, ok Alison - I'll try to get that recipe posted soon! With the amount I've shared and eaten, we're actually about out of the three loaves I made just this past weekend! :(