Monday, March 26, 2007

More Bread!

Here's the finished result - this braided bread tastes GREAT! Sadly, it turned out a tad flat, and so won't be the best sandwich bread (plus the three flavors sometimes separate while cutting), but it's got great flavor and texture. Start with one very soppy starter batter/dough, split into three, and then add different stuff to each. The additives include molasses, caraway seeds, whol wheat flour, rye flour, and corn meal. You end up with a cornmeal "white" bread, a whole wheat bread, and a dark rye/pumpernickel. Good stuff! Next time I'd be tempted to divide it to make three loaves instead of two, and put them in loaf pans. Wonder if that would work?

Oh, and I made quiche too!


the ginger tabby said...

The loaves certainly look yummy!

Jeph said...

Thanks! Tastes good too! :-)

Peter said...

Nice baking there, mister. Puts me to shame!

But I have to say that the prune cake is mighty fine eating a few days later!