Saturday, March 17, 2007

What's going on in the kitchen...RIGHT NOW!?

It's 6:20pm Saturday, March 17th. (Oh, Happy St Patties Day! I totally forgot til Brett pointed out all the people wearing green while we were lunching at Chick Fil A today)

Anyhow - it's 6:21pm Saturday, March 17th. I smell good and doughy (no, it's not extra winter weight, NOR because I ate most of a 5-serving package of Brach's Pastel Fiesta Malted Milk Eggs yesterday) - that would be "I feel doughy". (Ok, I confess...I do. A little. Go ahead Peter, tell me to get to the gym - I know I need to!)

Where was I? Oh. It's 6:22pm Saturday, March 17th, I smell doughy, and I'm afraid Moxie does too. I can't help it she came in and gave me some loving when I wanted to start blogging. I think that, no matter how much you wash your hands when you're done in the kitchen, dough making is one of those things that lingers with you for hours - just because you work the dough with your hands so much.

6:25pm. Saturday. Easily distracted by other topics, I meant to tell you why myself, the cat, and the kitchen smell so good. In addition to that great dough/yeast smell, there's also hints of sugar, melted butter, and cinnamon!

Here's a hint at what's rising in the kitchen:

They were supposed to be a one-evening event, but after making the dough last nite, I decided World of Warcraft was more I parked the big bowl of dough in the freezing garage. This morning, instead of getting up and completing the doughy project, Brett drug me off to Canton's Best Buy (45 minutes away), first bribing me with Chick Fil A. We exchanged the Samsung LCD TV, which was having a lot of "light leakage" in the lower right corner (as confirmed by a Best Buy tech that came out to the condo last week), for the Sony Bravia - both TVs are 40", both 1080p, so the quality should be good, and we should be happy with our purchase considering what it costs! Since we weren't happy, and the tech even said this has happened with a lot of the Samsungs, we took his recommendation and swapped to the Sony, which conveniently enough, dropped a couple hundred in price since we first bought the Samsung! Sweet!

And what was really funny was the girl doing our exchange writing down "TV leaks" as the reason for our exchange. It's not like we poured water into it!

Our new baby!

And tonite, if we're not playing World of Warcraft, maybe we'll be watching something cool on the new TV while snacking on ....well, I don't want to say what they are. But they DO need to go in the oven any minute now (assuming they've risen enough!)

And assuming they turn out good, you know I'll post pics! ;-)


The Yellow Dog Speaks said...

I'm disappointed that you didn't include a Chick Fil A label for this post.

Jeph said...

Consider it done! ;-)

Peter said...

"Go ahead Peter, tell me to get to the gym - I know I need to!"

You already know it - no need for me to harp on about it.

I'm attempting babka today, sort of vaguely (but not really) like your baking yesterday. If it turns out, I'll blog it.

Jeph said...

And the babka turned out AMAZING!! (At least amazing looking - I didn't get to taste!)