Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Would you put this in your mouth?

You can blame my dad for sending along the link to this culinary challenge. And no, that's not the kitchen of anyone I know in the photo below.

"What is it?" you may ask... Well, it's a bacon-wrapped, cheese-filled, battered and fried hot dog. MMMM tasty! And I know at least one person who'd try one of these things and probably love it! (He's upstairs brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed right now).

I have to admit - I'd TRY one! I'd feel some major guilt about eating a whole one...but knowing me, I'd enjoy it!


Peter said...


Never, never, never, NEVER do this to your nice readers again Jeph.


the ginger tabby said...

LOL re: Peter's comment!

When I first looked at the pic, I thought it was a breaded chicken wing with sauce on it. Yum! Once I read your blog, however, I realized that it wasn't chicken. I would not put that hot dog in my mouth! Well, perhaps if you paid me...a lot :)

The Yellow Dog Speaks said...

I would take a bite of this without hesitation. And I'm sorry to say that I would like it more than not.

cindy k. said...

I would like two, please!

Jeph said...

At least some of us are honest and willing to share that, yes, temptation and curiousity would get the better of us, and that we'd have to at least try it and, yes, even be very likely to, gasp, ENJOY it!!! ;-) I mean, heck, look at all the components - what's not to love!?