Monday, April 02, 2007

Getting all Brokeback!

Poor Simon - he just wants to be loved. A LOT.

And poor Tucker - he just likes to lounge around in the sun.

But the two didn't go together too well. Surprised I managed to catch this "on film" - one minute Simon was snuggling with me, hopped down, went over to where Tucker was lying down, and actually flopped himself over to it was like Tucker was spooning him. Aw, how cute.

Give us a kiss!

Beeeyotch - get away from me - I am NOT that kinda puss cat!


But I just want to be loved! Is that so wrong?


the ginger tabby said...

You can come to me for some lovin' any day!

Jeph said...

ROFL! I'll pass that along... Careful - the heavy lovin' was more cute when he went through this odd non-shedding period when he was younger. Now he gives you some love, and you look like a kitten exploded on you!