Monday, April 23, 2007


I was way past due thinning out the tomato and pepper seedlings, so I took a little time yesterday to give them a haircut. Before:


And here's too many pics of the basil and parsley...

These are BIG - but based on the leaf shape (and being lazy and not getting up to check), I think they're the lemon or lime basil? If I remember right, those were a bit more pointy on the tip, and not as shiny and luscious green. Ok, after saying that, I had to check. Yup, they're lime. Not a favorite, so I didn't plant a ton of them....but they are a nice change once in awhile, and no where near as offensive as some of the purple basils. Blech!

Some of them are still tiny and cute!

And just to put things in perspective!

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