Monday, April 02, 2007

Making Bread

So Saturday nite, while we were watching the latest James Bond flick, Casino Royale, I was also making bread - this time I tried the wheat rye oat bread (all mixed together, not some fancy braided bread) from the Recipes from the Old Mill bread book. WOW it's good stuff! Really nice for a wheaty sandwich bread that's got extra goodness for you in the form of rye flour, rolled oats, and a palmful of millet that I decided to add to the recipe (I couldn't resist tampering!). It made three nice, if slightly smaller-than-average-sandwich-bread-loaf sized loaves (plus I should get some 8x4 inch pans - my 9x5 pans are a bit big for some recipes!). Great stuff though!

Since Brett's mom and brother drove in from Medina (about 45 minutes) to transport our old entertainment center, old TV, and the huge box from the new LCD TV (just in case!) over to Rick and Carolyn's basement for storage, and since Rick and Carolyn are kind enough to let us store the stuff there til we get a bigger place, I figured they each deserved a loaf! So now we're down to less than half of the only loaf we've got - and it's really only a couple days later!

Need to make more!

Sadly, I forgot to take pics! Instead I'll have to present you with images of a different sort of loaf:

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