Monday, April 02, 2007

More signs of spring

Went out back after work today and replaced last week's cut daffodils that had fizzled out over the weekend... This time I got a mix - not just the all-yellows, but some of the yellow-and-whites, plus the hyacinths are opening up. I only cut some of the scrawnier ones with considerably fewer blooms - figuring this would reduce their intoxicating-but-headache-inducing scent in the house. I love it, but it's too strong for me! Also got some lilac buds in there, and a couple tulips I hope will open up over the next few days...

More signs of spring? There was a bumblebee out back, checking out the flowers. And who was checking out the bumblebee?

Bird's eye (bumblebee's eye?) view of Simon and Moxie:


the ginger tabby said...

Love the flower pics - colours and angles - and the pic of your three cats is great! :)

Jeph said...

Thanks! A coworker/friend here also said she loved the shot of the three cats all lined up.

Moxie was getting seriously airborn tonite! It's been so windy today, and some of the dry leaves are still blowing around. There was one that kept returning to the patio - just a funky airflow pattern - and it was driving her bonkers! I think at one time she jumped as high as my shoulders!