Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'd like to get the Frozen Snowshoe with a Frosty Mitten Job!

So who out there watches How I Met Your Mother?!?!

(let's see a raise of hands!)

And did you see this week's new episode, "Old King Clancy"? LOL We looooooved the crazy story Robin was telling about The Frozen Snowshoe and how he supposedly wanted to do an Old King Clancy with her! And you realize, after an episode like that, you HAAAAVE to go look up the site she was referring to -! (Seriously, it's ok - check it out!)

And speaking of new things learned that episode...we met The Frozen Snowshow (or just 'Shoe for short). Wowza - that's some nice eye candy! I guess the actor, Aaron Hill, is a regular on Greek. Hm, might have to start getting that via Netflix!! I'd seriously do a Five-Legged Caribou with him ANY DAY!

Another note about HIMYM - sort of a new game for us is to see how they hide the baby bumps each week. Both lead actresses, Alysson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders are BOTH preggers, with Alysson/Lily far enough in the lead that they've been trying to hide her growing bulge (except for where they showed it off because she supposedly put on so much weight from eating hotdogs awhile back). Cobie/Robin doesn't appear to be showing in the belly region yet - and sometimes we think she's maybe looking a little plump in the face. This past week they mostly hid Lily's belly with a laptop. Other times it's a huge purse, a super-over-the-top blowsy shirt, etc. What'll it be next week!?


Peter said...

Apparently, they filmed the season finale weeks back before both women were super-ginormous.

How appropriate is it, given the talk of Lily, that the word verification is "rumoiste"?

And now back to my regularly scheduled dreams of Montreal Meatpie-ing your BF...

Jeph said...

I'd heard the finale was already filmed from a coworker as well. Hm, I wonder if they're going to take advantage of their "situations", and do some flash-foward vision showing them pregnant?

And I wonder if that means Robin WILL be the mom? Although I think they still refer to her as Aunt Robin in the narration?