As reported on io9 and Newsarama, there are now officially three guys up for the role of Hal Jordan Green Lantern in 2011's Green Lantern movie... Apparently Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake are being considered for the role - that's them in the next picture, from left to right.

Ok, I realize some of you might still be wondering "Who or what the heck is a Green Lantern!?" In a nutshell, Green Lanterns are members of an interstellar peace-keeping force. Each member is given a power battery and a ring, and the ring creates 3D energy constructs based on the wielders imagination, and are powered by their will. Earth just happens to have a handful of Green Lantern Corp members - most members are the only one from their planet, and for the most part, are the only member from their sector of space.

Just so you know - there are a LOT of Green Lanterns:

Annnnnyhow, the new movie that's being talked about is scheduled to be released in 2011. Many online fans had hoped to get Nathan Fillion to play the lead role of Hal Jordan, Earth's primary Green Lantern. One fan even went so far to create this really cool "movie trailer", sampling from many other movies and doing some seriously cool editing work.

Unfortunately, it looks like Nathan Fillion isn't getting the job. So let's consider the three fellas who ARE supposedly up for it!

First there's Bradley Cooper. If you watched Alias, he was "the best friend" (we only watched the first season, so I don't know if he developed into anything more). I believe he was also in "Kitchen Confidential", which I'm sure we'll have to watch sometime.

Check out those eyes - DREAMY is one of few words I can think to describe 'em!

Plus he's got super fun hair and a great smile...

I haven't seen too many pics of him shirtless, but from the ones I HAVE seen, I'd say he's got a pretty good bod.

Speaking of bods, next is Ryan Reynolds. Who ever would've thought 'Berg' from "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place" would've made it as far as he has! Back then he seemed all lanky, but Ryan did some serious working out, and has shown it off in a number of his movies...

I know I've seen his ripped torso in both the remake of Amityville Horror and in one of the Blade movies. He'd definitely look great in spandex!

Plus I think he'd make a pretty good looking Hal Jordan. Not TOO young, definitely not too old. But I don't know if I can really see him playing the role. He's been goofy in MOST things he's been in.

And finally there's Justin Timberlake. I have to say his body is better than I'd expected, but he just doesn't really scream "superhero" to me.

Well, MAYBE he'd look ok in spandex...

...but I just don't quite think he looks like a Hal to me, nor do I really know that I WANT to see him try to impress us with this kinda role. I'm just not feeling it with JT...

I guess if I had to pick from the above three, I'd go with Bradley Cooper. As soon as The Hangover is out on video, we'll be seeing him in that. I understand he's had quite a number of good roles... Ryan Reynolds isn't bad at all....but if we're looking just at headshape/facial appearance, I think Bradley wins it.

What do you think?

It looks like we have a winner!


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  1. #1. Thank you for the eye candy.

    #2. Bradley Cooper. Those blue eyes...I'n a sucker for blue eyes.

  2. NICE man candy post!

  3. ju says:

    Not that I won't like looking at Ryan Reynolds in the movie, but seriously, BRADLEY COOPER! Those eyes, that smile...oh my...

  4. Jeph says:

    Hi ju - welcome aboard! I'm totally with you about Bradley Cooper, which was one of the big draws for wanting to see The Hangover! We got it on DVD a couple weeks ago, and while he played a bit of a jerk in the movie, he was still some nice eye candy. And seriously, that guy has a long, lean torso!!

  5. ju says:

    Oh, don't even get me started about him in "The hangover"...I mean, I'd known about him for quite some time before the movie came out and I've always found him completely hot, but the longish hair he sports in the movie just makes him completely 100% unbelievably amazing!!! I'm a sucker for men with "big" hair like that (you know, not actually long, but not military-style either)...too bad he's cut it off as it seems from a couple of pictures I've been seeing lately, but oh well. He's still OMFG hot. :-P

    (And thanks for the welcome!)

  6. Jeph says:

    I'm totally with you on the longer hair. It really works for him too!

    Ahhhh...I remember the days when *I* had a full head'a hair!! So sad... :-(

  7. ju says:

    Doesn't it? But you know what's weird? I've *finally* gotten around to download and watch "Kitchen confidential" and I find myself not AT ALL bothered by the lack of's probably the eyes that alone do it for me already. And the pecs and the abs, naturally. *meow* :-P

    Oh, and on an *unrelated* note, I'm very bothered that we're not yet in the few weeks following June 11th - just 'cos I'm thinking the A-Team will give me much more reason to smile about than Valentine's day (at least considering exclusively the "visuals" hee!).

  8. ju says:

    Oh, and Jeph? Don't worry, from what I can see from the teeny weeny pic in your profile, you're very well! :-)