Sunday, March 07, 2010

Attack of the deer...

Perhaps it's the new, super cheap, corn-loaded birdseed I just put out this morning that brought this on??

As you can see, I'm a bit high strung. Anytime Doogie barks, Brett about has to peel me off the ceiling!

And for those of you over at Facebook who don't get the embedded video, here's a link:


Kris said...

Oh yeah. Birdseed chocked with corn will draw deer and squirrel to no end! Honestly, it's worth the extra $ to get better seed. Even then, when pickin's are slim, deer can come up to the house and clean out a feeder quickly at night, so I bring the feeder into the garage late in the evening.

Nice clip of the deer bounding away. I've seen 8-point bucks leaping across my lawn. Awesome site, dude.

Betsy said...

I had to start buying birdseed without cracked corn in it because it absorbs moisture and then hardens solid in the feeder outlets. The guy at Wildbirds clued me in.

I miss getting deer through my backyard since the fence.

Jeph said...

I've never intended/desired to get corn in my birdseed.....seems like it's just filler to me. I always know there's a risk when I go cheap on something, and this time I've paid the price. I'll see about getting some higher quality seed and mixing the two perhaps. Granted, that means I'll be dealing with the mixed-in corn a bit longer, but at least there'll be better seed for the birds.

Oh, and I've sprinkled cayenne pepper all over the seeds that are exposed in each of the feeders, and figure as birds pick out the seeds they want, the cayenne should mostly sit there (until heavy rains). I guess birds aren't bothered by cayenne while mammals don't like it.