Monday, March 22, 2010

Doogie loves getting mail!

Doogie's torn through a number of his West Paw Design Zogoflex toys since my parents got him hooked on them last year. I don't blame the toys - they're SERIOUSLY tough. It's just that Doogie really gets a kick out of chewing on them, or for the frisbee-shaped ones, wrapping them around OTHER toys like a pita bread.

Unfortunately, some of the toys didn't survive.

The good news? West Paw Design backs up their toys with a one-time replacement - reminding you that many of the toys are meant to be enjoyed with supervision so, um, your dog doesn't demolish them.

So a week or so ago I returned Doogie's first Hurley and his Zisc, and look what showed up in the mail today!

Seriously, is there ANYTHING cuter than a dog walking around with his own mail in his mouth!?!?

He was SO happy to get mail with his name on it - he didn't even know what was inside!!!

And, of course, when something's THIS cute you have to post all sorts of pics (apologies!).

Anyhow, my folks have gotten him a number of the NEARLY indestructible toys, and we've gotten him some. He definitely preferred the damaged Hurley over the non-damaged one. He LOVES the Zisc - it's a great frisbee that flies a lot better than some of the other tough, rubbery frisbees you can buy. We probably wouldn't even get to settle down to dinner if it weren't for the Tux. When we have dinner, he gets a Tux with a small smear of peanut butter and some treats pressed down inside - that keeps him busy for awhile! He's not too fond of the Huck - unfortunately it just seems a bit too big and heavy for his smaller frame.

And what did I have them replace his original Hurley with (since we'd already bought a replacement)? A Bumi! This thing is a lot of fun - it's great for tug-o-war (and definitely tough enough), plus it's fun to throw across the yard. The nice thing about it is it's got enough bend and give to it - if your dog is one of those that sometimes intercepts an airborne toy but isn't quite ready to catch it, it's soft and bendy enough that you're not actually going to knock the dog unconscious. It just flops to the ground, the dog grabs it, and then they come running right back for either another toss, or some more "if you chase me I MIGHT drop it for you. Maybe."

Seriously, if your dog loves to trash their softer, gentler toys, check out West Paw Design's line of products (no, I'm not getting anything out of this). The toys are super tough, and even if your dog manages to destroy one, West Paw clearly honors their one time replacement policy! And as you can see from these photos, that makes dogs happy!


FinnyKnits said...

Painfully cute, that Doogie with his mail.

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Jeph said...

He IS pretty darn cute, isn't he!?