Thursday, April 01, 2010

Commitment scares me!

Is this the final garden plan? I just don't know! And how much of the over-cramming and succession planting will really work out!?


Kris said...

OK, How did you get that sheet of paper onto your post. Did you just take a photo of it? Pretty ambitious list, fella....

Jeph said...

Nope, I have a scanner - you can get the Canon LiDE scanners really cheap, and they pull the power for the LED bulb inside them from your computer - so no need for an extra wall outlet/plug. Also, this scanner is about the size of a laptop, and probably a little lighter weight. I think you can get 'em for <$100 still?

And then, this was really handy, I found I could use Google's free Picasa software (which I use to import all my pics from my camera card) to pull images from the scanner. Extra nice - no need to fire up some bloaty Photoshop type software for a quick scan.

Thanks for the honest comment about being ambitious on this. We'll see how much I actually pull off. ;-)