Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Cookout

We had Brett's family (parents, his brother Blake, plus Blake's girlfriend Laura) over Sunday for an early Memorial Day cookout. Monday was supposed to get stormy (and boy did it!), so we went with Sunday instead. Sure, it was HOT most of the day, but it turned out great otherwise!

I didn't think to take pics while we were doing the cookout, eating burgers, sausages, pasta salad, corn on the cob, etc, nor when we were playing our first-ever 6 person game of Five Crowns, but I did remember to get the camera while we were out in the backyard scarfing down the yummy watermelon! It helped that I took out a stack of pre-moistened oversized dishtowels to wipe off, plus a bucket for all the rinds!

Even Doogie loved the watermelon...

Yum yum!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend as well!

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Sharon Andy Holderman said...

and look at your bf avoiding all things healthy ;)