Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally getting some raspberries!

When we were up in NY a week and a half ago, I was shocked to see how loaded with buds my dad's raspberries were! I mean - LOADED! His plants looked super healthy, the leaves were a nice healthy green, and the tops of them were covered with flower buds that would be forming raspberries very soon.

I'm jealous!

Granted, dad's yard/garden has had many more years of development/improvement - their grass is greener, their soil is of better quality, he's been amending all his garden space for years now. So he's much farther ahead of me.

IMG_0731Image by jephremley via Flickr

My raspberry canes look lush - they're tall with lots of leafy growth. But those leaves could maybe be a bit greener, and they're chewed up by Japanese beetles, and I'm really not seeing many raspberries on them yet. I have two varieties - Anne, which is a large pale golden raspberry, and Heritage (the same variety my dad grows) which are a more standard, smaller red variety. My Anne raspberries have already been producing for a couple weeks now, but I only ever find 2-3 raspberries at any one time that are ripe and ready to eat. I've seen a few red Heritage raspberries here and there, but the Japanese beetles really seem attracted to them.

Oh, and then there's all the rain we're getting right now - that's actually causing a lot of the raspberries to mold before they're even fully grown. Trust me - moldy raspberries are pretty gross.

IMG_0732Image by jephremley via Flickr

Hopefully things will dry out for a little bit and perhaps my plants will start budding out more and forming more fruit. Oooor, maybe because I just planted them last year, they're just not going to do much this year. We'll have to wait and see!
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