Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First hatch

Looks like the first house finch has hatched today. Temps are dropping, so Mama Bird needs to get back to the nest. Unfortunately she set up home on our front porch, which means foot traffic scaring her away occasionally.... will try to avoid the front porch more the next week or so if I think about it. Brett'll be happy when this is all done so I can move the tree to the basement.
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Mutty said...

'Move the tree to the basement'? I look forward to more photos. Never heard of the house finch before, just looked them up. Pretty :-)

Jeph said...

The babies were all hatched by the time I got home yesterday...

House finches are actually a pretty dull, common bird around here - pretty much like sparrows. But yeah, the males have a pretty magenta-y color to them.

The tree is an artificial, pre-lit xmas tree (white lights) in a fake urn. You can't really use it to plant anything else. I kinda like leaving one of the two out on the front porch like some places have out year round - a pine in an urn. Buuuuut it DOES look a bit xmas-y.