Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three new beds

It was muddy work this weekend, but I finally got this project accomplished. The trees were supposed to be ONE 2-n-1 grafted plum tree from Stark Brothers, only the first tree had one of the two grafts die. Stark Bros sent a replacement, which was damaged when it arrived (the UPS guy looked really apologetic!).

Stark Brothers were amazing... they had another tree out to me within days!

I couldn't trash either of the two originals, and so potted up all three (that included digging up the original).

All three overwintered in the greenhouse, leafed out and bloomed this spring in the greenhouse, and so I felt they deserved a fair chance. Only now I had THREE trees to find space for... so we'll see how this goes.

The farthest bed has strawberries (Honeyoye), and the other two Brussels sprouts, lettuce, kale, bok choi and herbs.
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