Monday, April 25, 2011

Well it's about time!

I planted my asparagus patch TWO years ago, and the major rule / life lesson with home grown asparagus?


That's not something I'm known for having. Nope, not me.

Sharon and I went in on two orders of asparagus plants... one purple, and one green. We each amended our asparagus beds-to-be, digging up the soil, adding good stuff to the existing soil, and then putting in the bundles of dead-looking tangled up roots. Once that's done you have to wait.


Sure, some spears will show themselves the first year, but those are absolutely OFF LIMITS! NO TOUCH-Y!!! Then the next year you're maybe allowed to sneak a few spears, although you're really not supposed to.

This past fall I dumped (ha!) a load of composted horse manure on the bed, followed by a layer of chopped leaves. That seems to have paid off... as I was raking off most of the leaves and picking out weeds recently, earthworms were squirming for cover. Previously, the soil in this area was so compacted there were no signs of life when I would struggle to get a shovel in it. I'm thinking I might even add some homegrown worm castings (with worms!) to the bed sometime this year!

And now we're to the year where we're allowed to harvest more. Sure, we should still take it easy on the plants, and not harvest all spring like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet... but trust me, I intend to enjoy my asparagus this year!

We're having stir fried rice to use up some turkey breast I smoked last week. Should be interesting. Along with the carrots and broccoli, I think I'll add the chopped up asparagus. If I leave it big enough, it'll be easy for Brett to make sure he doesn't get any. 'Cause you know Brett, right? ;-)
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