Monday, May 16, 2011

Safe and sound

The bird netting isn't up to protect the lettuce, rosemary and other short plants in this bed. It's actually there to protect my plum trees that I just planted this spring, which got nibbled on by deer last week. But don't you like knowing the CSA veggies are getting the benefit of the bird-netting fortress??

While we've been saying we're so worried about how poor things are growing this season, this round of lettuce that I started in the basement months ago are actually doing beautifully with the wet, chilly weather. In fact, I miiight have to start harvesting some earlier than the early-to-mid June "official" start date of this year's CSA!

I have another batch in a different bed started later, and planted out later. Smaller than these heads here, but also doing much better than the lettuce I direct seeded...

Ya just never know what you'll get with the garden each year!
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Sherry said...

How cruel of you not to want to share your bounty with the deer! They have to eat too.

Jeph said...

Maybe I'll put an "all you can eat buffet! " sign out at the woods. They can eat all of the woods they want. And they're welcome to my weeds. The veggies are for paying customers only. ;-)