Sunday, May 01, 2011

Strike a pose

Honestly, we had nothing to do with this. Brett's folks were over, and I think the dogs were trying to show off. First Doogie hopped up there (not all that uncommon), and Daisy must've thought he was showing off more than she was, so she hopped up as well.

Silly dogs.
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FinnyKnits said...

Ack! Total cuteness! I trust everyone's doing well now?

Jeph said...

And if by that do you mean "has no one cost a fortune by needing to spend two days in the emergency hospital after scarfing up toxic/hyperactive stuff like coffee grounds"? Because, if so, yes! You would be correct! LOL

I finally caved and became the parent I never wanted to be and ordered a vibrate/shock collar for Daisy. Since she just flat out doesn't listen to us when she doesn't want to, I can now give her a little noisy vibrate with the click of a button, and that's worked WONDERS!! I realize it's not what any of our dog trainers would recommend, and I realize Daisy hasn't had enough one-on-one training time with us (have you ever tried training a new, young dog stuff when you have an older one that knows it all and wants to show off and interrupt!?). Now if she flat out doesn't listen and ignores the vibrate because she's too wound up, OR if she's doing something I want there to be absolutely NO QUESTION about it being bad (like nibbling at garden soil), then I have zapped her (the lower of the two voltages), and she jumps and occasionally yelps...and I feel awful about it. BUUUUT I'd rather do that than have her get something toxic or think something's ok to do when I'm not looking just because I can't get to her in under a second. (Can you tell I'm still working through justifying doing this to her?!)