Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forgot to post this

Here's the video I took of the orange kitty while she was still "the stray that's always coming up to the deck and loving the dogs" - that's from a week and a half ago I would guess.

She's been in the house for a week now - after a vet visit confirmed she doesn't have feline leukemia or FHIV, I bathed her and kept her inside. So far no responses to the flyers we've put out...although we haven't tried real hard yet. Need to get more out there.

So far what we know is that she's probably 12-18 months old, has a scar showing she was spayed, the vet figures that means she also had her shots, and the scars/scratches on her feet implied she'd been outside for at least a few weeks. She's very friendly with us and the dogs - a little stand-offish towards the cats....but no fights or anything. She wants to eat ALL THE TIME... She doesn't spend much time cuddling with us yet, but she's very friendly and just likes to stretch out under beds, or in the room near us. Also - she's VERY chatty!
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FinnyKnits said...

Oh my gosh! Sweetest kitty ever! I'm so glad to hear you took her in. It looks like the dogs are happy, too. I might have even made an exception for her.

Jeph said...

Cool! I'll poke some holes in a box, dump in some kitty food and the cat, and she should be there by Monday or Tuesday with ExpressMail! ;-)