Sunday, June 26, 2011


I don't know if it's having a new, considerably smaller cat in the house, or because Moxie's really taken an interest in this two-sizes-too-small box lately, but I'm suddenly realizing she's not the tiny little thing she used to be.

Yes, I said it... don't look at me like that!
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FinnyKnits said...

Wait? New smaller cat? Who dat?

Meanwhile - that photo is totally effing hilarious.

Jeph said...

Yeah, I guess I haven't posted that much about her - once you've already got three cats and two dogs, one more critter in the house seems less exciting.

We had a stray cat showing up on the deck, meowing, loving the dogs, etc. She left us a dead bird (one of the catbirds that'd been stealing my blueberries actually!), and the neighbors were gifted a dead mouse, and I saw her walking around with a live chipmunk dangling from her mouth one day.

Took her to the vet once for a free chip-check - she hadn't been microchipped.

A week later I took her back for a real appointment - no feline leukemia, no feline HIV, about 12-18 months old, scar from being spayed, scars/toughening of her pads implied she'd been out for at least a few weeks, etc. No tags on her collar - so we don't know if she's lost, or dumped off, or what.

So after that vet visit she was bathed and is now kept in the house. So far no real problems with the other critters. A little attitude towards the other cats once in awhile, but it's very mild.

I have some flyers up - hopefully we'll find her original home....doubtful though.

Still not sure we really want a fourth cat.

I'll set the Youtube video to post later today. I forgot to post it last week. Here's the first pic I posted of her.