Monday, August 01, 2011

Man down!

In addition to the seven tomato plants and their cages taken out by the storm that just passed through, Daisy and I found three fledgling birds scattered around the veggie beds. Don't know how they'll do after the storm.

I didn't find baby bunnies anywhere, but they may have left before the storm even hit.
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Michelle said...

I hope they make it! I had a nest of orioles fall once. I dont know if they survived.

Jeph said...

Not that I want to be heartless about this, but there are SO many sparrows in the backyard this year - they're nesting in the two bluebird boxes AND the new purple martin house that Brett's folks gave me. It's like a sparrow apartment complex now, and there's a lot of "action" going on up there. Oh, and now there's sparrow babies in the leftover house finch nest on the front porch as well... Next year I might have to work at discouraging the sparrows from taking up residence in every spot they can...