Saturday, September 24, 2011

Toaster? fridge? soap?

So I have this shirt I love, but don't normally wear out in public...

Marty and Linda (Brett's folks) accepted our impromptu invitation to come roast weinies over the firepit. After dinner we played cards and had brownies.

While we were playing cards I realized Linda was looking at my shirt funny, so I called her on it.

"Well, all night I couldn't figure out why the toaster was saying 'rub me on your butt,' but I just realized it's a fridge. But, wait, why would a fridge say that? "

We just looked at her dumbfounded, and I pointed out that it's a bar of soap. I even pointed to the word "SOAP", but she said she hadn't been able to read it.

Boy oh boy did we get some great laughs out of that, including Brett making sure his mom walked in on him in the kitchen rubbing his butt against the fridge. Oops! Busted! Sick fetish freak!
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Peter said...

You've just given me an idea for what to get for you for Christmas!