Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh no! Hot lava!

Did you ever play hot lava as a kid? My brother and I did, and I think Brett says he and his did the same. Maybe it was a boy thing... I don't know.

You'd be on the sofa or the stairs, but in your head you knew it was really a rickety boat or a collapsing hillside, and the only way to survive was to not fall onto the floor, aka hot lava (don't ask me how a boat was in hot lava...maybe there was volcanic upwelling?) And you know it was nearly as much fun if the boat or hillside was stable, so there was a lot of thrashing around, pushing each other off to save yourself, grabbing each other's arms to save them at the last minute, etc.

Hm, this 'Hot Lava' echinacea doesn't look like it's going to scald anyone any time soon, but it sure is putting on a dramatic, one might say "firey", show in the garden.

I just put it in this it in a special buy two, get one deal. It's supposed to be a perennial... Let's see if it's tough enough to make it through an Ohio winter. I've been watching the extended forecast and it sounds like the combination of el Nino, La Nina, and other longer term weather cycles could be lining us up for an extra cold winter (if we're lucky!). ;-)
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Kris said...

Boy, I sure would love to have some of those seeds. *hint* ;-D

Jeph said...

While they're not quite far enough along for seed saving, I'll sure give it a try. I kinda figured all these froo froo echinacea were probably bred so that they couldn't be easily propagated from seed?

Betsy said...

Our version of this game was in allegator or crocodile-infested water. This way some of the players could be on the floor being man-eating beasts. Well, I did come from a family with 5 kids so they didn't all fit on the boat, er sofa.

I need some more brightly colored perennial flowers in my yard. So far the plain, green succulents seem to be taking over.

Jeph said...

LOL Betsy...I have to say our adventures never included alligators... But yeah, with that many kids, you had too many people to fight for space on that boat.