Friday, December 16, 2011


Such a difference! Aphrodite is shorter and more colorful than Peacock!
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FinnyKnits said...

Pretty, but they're no Jeph's Christmas Cookie BOnanza. I feel robbed.

Merry Christmas to you two and the critters.

Jeph said...

I was thinking of you last nite as I was baking cookies....DOG cookies that is!! I just haven't bothered with cookies for people this year (and I even bought some tubes of cheat frosting!)....there's enough cookies and treats going around and I've kept too busy with too many other things. Now I DO wonder if I won't be baking up some snickerdoodles and choc crinkles next week, since we're off. But I'll be home alone for a lot of that time, and me, alone with all those cookies, might not be real wise! ;-)

As for the dog cookies (aka biscuits), they're a huge hit with Daisy and Doogie... I figure I'll put some out for our mail carrier's dog as well. Two different kinds - rice flour and pumpkin in one, whole wheat flour and apple butter in the other (along with other stuff).