Sunday, April 08, 2012

Are your berries blah?

Did you (or someone you sent to the store) pick up berries that look like this:

Kinda gross, right?

Don't worry,there's still hope.  Wash 'em, chop 'em, toss them with some granlated sugar, and then get a little creative and give them a boost.  I added just a couple tiny drops of cherry extract and vanilla to the berries, and then, knowing strawberries are often paired with balsamic vinegar, I added a couple tiny drops of that as well - figuring it would add a hint of depth to the berries (since they hadn't developed their full flavor in the sun).

A few hours of sitting in the fridge, given the occasional shake or stir, and the lackluster berries were a huge hit on angel food cake!

(Ok,the picture coud be brighter)

You could easily try different flavorings - almond extract might give a hint of marachino cherry, black pepper could be interesting, and I bet lemon and/or orange extract would be great!

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Joe said...

Love balsamic on strawberries!

Try them on a pizza sometime with pistachios and goat cheese!