Sunday, February 24, 2013

A fair amount of work!

Only got into three rows of the patterned part in class yesterday, and I goofed something while there - so I ripped those rows out and started over today. Talk about a lot of work in a little space! This hat is 96 stitches around (I'm worried it'll be really snug on my head), and in the patterned part, it's really like you're knitting each stitch twice a lot of the time - the yarn seen in the foreground, plus the other color on the inside of the hat.

I really like the colors I chose, but there definitely isn't enough contrast between the brown and plum colors. Brett: "Just rip it out and start over."   Me:  "(obscenity) you."   ;-)

The good news is I've just finished roughly the bottom third of what's really three bands of patterns, so I don't have to stick with the colors in the same priorities - I'll take the light tan/oatmeal color from the "main color" role, and swap it with one of the darker two colors. Hey, it's my first fair isle - I'm OK with it not being perfect...

It's really neat how each row of stitches is actually two yarns trading places with each other, making the finished product doubley thick. This Blackstone Tweed is actually a pretty thin worsted weight wool, but using it in fair isle knitting kinda thickens things up!

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