Sunday, February 24, 2013

And I shall call thee...

The kitchen wrecker!

Kind of a lumpy looking meringue...considering how much making this trashed the kitchen, it better taste freaking awesome!

I WILL say the components tasted really good - the lemon curd, and the raw meringue. I guess my biggest fear, based on prior experience, is that the consistency will suck. I've had a great looking lemon meringue turn to soup in the crust before (not a good thing!).


Sherry said...

I'll send you my recipe for lemon meringue pie. It has always turned out great for me over many years and many pies. I LOVE good lemon meringue pie. I just don't make it unless I have company 'cause I'd eat the whole thing myself with absolutely no guilt whatsoever!!!

Jeph said...

Turns out it tasted pretty good, annnnd didn't completely ooze out once cut into - so it firmed up pretty well. Not as tart as I like a lemon meringue pie, but I'm guessing that's partly due to it being *Meyer* lemon meringue pie.

I totally get ya on not making it unless you have others to unload some on. Brett doesn't eat the stuff, so he's not help. THANKFULLY I can take anything in to work and people will scarf it up.

I'm guessing your version of the pie wrecks the kitchen as much as this one did!?

anne marie in philly said...

damn, that looks tasty!