Saturday, February 16, 2013

Even more fingerless mittens

Started these guys the other day with two goals in mind - try some of the self-patterning yarn I've had so I can see what it would look like, and to try the magic loop method for mittens (rather than socks). I was also going to be mixing two different brands of yarn (Malabrigo and Madelinetosh), and the two Malabrigo yarns are actually pretty different from each other...
Part way through I realized I wasn't enjoying these as much as I'd hoped. The Malabrigo Arroyo yarn in the Piedras colorway started looking like a cheap Thanksgiving pattern - although I think it's noticeably worse in the K2P2 ribbing - it has a much nicer blend in the stockinette area. I was worried the Malabrigo merino was going to fuzz out - it just feels ready to pill in the hands. Thankfully it knit up nicely. And I love the Madelinetosh Vintage in Earl Grey.
I'm only showing the good side of the fingerless mitts. The other side of each has some serious laddering, and weird gaps where I changed colors -I think I was neglecting to wrap the old color around the new as I transitioned colors - I might be able to fix this when I weave in the ends, but that's where more disappointment lies...
Holy crap there's a ton of ends to weave in. When I hold the mitts up, they look like jellyfish. Because I was doing two mitts at a time, and with three colorways, there were six balls of yarn. At. The. Same. Time.
I got so tired of trying to untangle the mess that I decided to cut off the yarn with each change, rather than pass the colors up the back.
So, yeah, I have a real mess, and I'm not looking forward to weaving in so many strands and trying to patch all those holes. And I still have to finish the thumbs...
Maybe another day?

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