Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two at a time!

Decided to learn something new this week,using the two socks on one needle method.  You can find numerous sources for this method, but after recently coming across the Very Pink sites with so many great tutorial videos, I knew I could pull this off...

Not knowing how they'd turn out, I decided to use up some old tweed acrylic yarn someone
 had given me ages ago - rather than risk using better quality yarn on something that might turn out looking like crap.  I had the absolute minimum length circular needles needed for the project - I blame that for things being difficult, like around the turns of the needle cord, and having a column of really loose knits on each sock. Here they are midway down...

I definitely could've gone longer on the calf part of the socks, but again, this was a rush "see if this technique works for me" project...  The fun part is, even at the stage you see them at here, you can still try them on!

Gotta say - the most gratifying part of this project was just as advertised - when you're done making A sock, you're done with BOTH socks...because you knit both at the same time.  Once I got the hang of this method, and got past the first few rows, it was really easy.  I bet this'll be fun to try with some sort of color-changing, self-patterning yarn!

Here they are, done, pulled on over a pair of regular socks.  They're quite "spongy", and I think that's partly the acrylic yarn, and partly the loose knit this particular pair had, along with all the extra space in some areas due to the too-short needles.

 They are VERY toasty warm, and very comfy to walk around in - while they're NOT picture perfect, I have to say I really like them.  Not something I'd show off with pride to others, but as for their job description of keeping feet warm, they live up to it.

And while discussing this method with Sharon (before they were even finished), she asked if this method could be used for other stuff.  Gave it a little thought and, sure enough - how about ANOTHER pair of fingerless mitts?  So within a couple hours of finishing these socks off, I had the first yarn on the needles to try what I'm calling "fmitts", and I think they'll work out nicely.


Sharon Andy Holderman said...

woohoo - I got a shout out! But, now I get the blame if it isn't easy or doesn't work out if you try other ones ;)

Jeph said...

Yeah, the next attempt (fmitts) at your suggestion SUUUUCKED. ;-)