Saturday, March 09, 2013

Belated birthday gift

Brett's brother's girlfriend, Laura, had her birthday just a couple days before mine. For her birthday gift this year I let her pick out yarns for a pair of fingerless mittens. I was going to go with the fancier-looking cabled pattern like I did for my mom and Brett's mom recently, but based on the multiple colors she was leaning towards, we both agreed a simple, no-cables pattern would be nicer.

When Laura saw the colors I had to work with, she got real excited about three that I just happened to have put together by coincidence - Citrus, Bark and Rosewood in the Madelinetosh Tosh DK weight. The lighting wasn't so great at the time - it was night and we don't have the brightest lighting in our house at night, but the colors looked great and Laura said they'd be great for her to wear to Browns games.

Now that I'm knitting these mitts up in daylight, the "dark brown"-looking Bark suddenly seems very dark green. Uh oh. The good news is I've been working on them a couple days now, and I've seen them in daylight and nighttime lighting, and I think they look great - they're just not always perfect Cleveland Browns colors - hopefully Laura doesn't mind.

I should have these bad boys done in the next day or so, can block them, and then get them off to Laura while we'll still be getting cold weather - here's hoping she likes them!

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