Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The dogs slaughter a cat

No no, not a real cat - although it does bear a striking resemblance to Tucker!

Brett's folks got the dogs this cat puppet/squeaky toy for xmas, and it's normally locked away unless I'm going to supervise them.  They don't share it very well - Doogie likes to pin it down and defluff it, while Daisy likes to just shake the hell outta it.  At times they'll both be tugging on it, running it around between them, and then Daisy will start shaking it and Doogie just gives up.

I finally got tired of it today after it was finally ruined (defluffed, shredded), so I made them watch me throw it in the trash, rather that put it away in the cabinet, and hopefully they'll understand we no longer have it.

And poor Tucker just looks worried because he knows it looks so much like him, and worries the dogs will get confused.  ;-)

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