Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pitch Perfect

We watched "Pitch Perfect" tonight - we both agree the plot progression felt a bit forced, but still had a lot of fun watching tge movie (and with me singing along with way too many of the songs).  As a bonus, the movie introduced me to my new boyfriend, Skylar Astin, the lead male who you see singing "Feels Like The First Time" in this fun clip.

Watch "Pitch Perfect - Clip: "The Riff-Off"" on YouTube


Kris said...

Hey Jeph, just saw that you are posting on your blog again. Great to see your knitting action, buddy. Happy Spring!

Jeph said...

Hey Kris!

Yup, I've been getting back into blogging some. I kind of burned out last year, and was appreciating the brevity of Facebook a bit more I think? I've decided to cut back on some things that feel more like work, such as the CSA service, and figured I'd get back into blogging some. Not sure how much I'll be posting - we'll see. But I WAS wondering how things are on your end - as I do whenever it's time to begin seed starting, taking care of growies in the basement, etc. I checked out your blogs briefly yesterday and I have to say, ew, to the "granules" you're feeding/harvesting for drinks. I think I feel that way, though, because it seems like it's making something similar to a hard cider, and I'm not fond of the fizzy "gone bad" drinks. ;-)

Kris said...

The pro-biotics in the kefir milk and water are just so darn good for you. The milk works like buttermilk in baking. The water is added to iced tea, lemonade concentrate, and fruit juices. I can add a bit of sugar and let it sit for a couple days in the 'fridge and it gets fizzy. Yes, it ferments like hard cider, but healthy and negligible alcohol. Hey, check out my last main page post. Would appreciate any comment on that one.